Welcome from the deepest of our hearts to this website.

We hope you are curious to find out what our trainings and workshops are about!

This workshop is to train therapists who have experience in working with the in between life state, to enter this state through a totally different way. It is also for regression and hypnotherapists who would like to  do these sessions. We recommend that these therapists first read the books by Michael Newton (or Joel Whitton).

We are very excited to spread our findings throughout the world and would love to come to your country to train you in our method and so help your clients to find out their deeper meaning in life!

We feel that this method, in addition to your Regression or Hypnotherapy, will give your clients a deeper knowledge of who they really are, why they are here in this life and what their life plan is, on a soul level.

We are currently writing a different approach to reach the Heart. That is because in the first concept of our Training, we used the method of Drunvalo Melchizedek. We thought it was sufficient to mention his name and refer to his method. To be absolutely certain about that, we asked his organisation for permission to use his method in our training. And it appears that Drunvalo doesn’t give his consent. In fact only the people who are trained by him and are official ATIH (Awakening the Illuminated Heart) trainers are allowed to teach this way of entering the heart.

Please feel free to explore.


Karen Stemkens

Willemijn Luyendijk